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MSC Mousse
MSC Mousse
MSC Mousse

MSC Mousse

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An internal tire and rim protection system for MTB and gravel wheels. This special material is handmade in Italy one at a time. It's made a from a special wateproof foam with a perforated interior - it can be used with our Black Seal tubeless sealant providing even more protection to cuts and punctures.

The mousse offers more support for the tyre reducing the chance of "snake bites" and damage to aluminium and expensive carbon rims. Even if you completely puncture and lose all air the mousse can still be ridden due to the large volume of tire it occupies.

It can be installed without a compressor and the body rests on the inner bottom walls of the rim without affecting the structual part of the rim (carbon or aluminium). The larger volume means less air needs to be used which gives the same softness but increasing the tyres grip and performance.

It comes in 3 sizs S, M or L for specific wheel sizes and usage. Gravel/XC, Enduro/DH and 27Plus

  • Handmade one at a time in Italy
  • Min 17psi Max 26psi
  • 3 sizes available
  • Can be ridden on after complete loss of air
  • Waterproof - can be used with tyre sealants
  • Includes 1x pair of tubeless valves

Weights per wheel

  • 29" Small - Gravel: 44g
  • 27.5" Large - EN/DH: 150g
  • 29" Medium - XC/TR:100g
MSC Mousse