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Available on the Roller, Tractor and Gripper. It offers sidewall protection without affecting the ride quality. Excellent choice for Trail and XC riding


Marathon level bead-to-bead protection for increased puncture and sidewall protection while still offering a smooth ride with our 120TPI casing.


Extra sidewall protection compared to the PRO Shield for improved cut resistance and increased support for minimal tire deformation. SUPER Shield ends just below the side knobs which ensures excellent ride quality. Ideal choice for Enduro riding and racing and park riding. Available on the Gripper


Our 4-ply + butyl protection for all out DH racing and Enduro racing. Best protection again sidewall cuts and excellent lateral tire support and stability allowing for lower tire pressures. 



Suitable all DH, Enduro and Bike park riding. Our 3C will provide maximum grip and traction in all conditions. 1C DH will offer excellent durability being ideal for bike park use. Can be found on the Gripper 

DH Compounds



Cross Country and Trail

2C XC offers two different rubber densities for excellent cornering grip without loss in rolling performance. 

MSC XC Compounds

All Mountain

2C AM RACE and 2C AM

2C AM Race offers softer side lugs and is ideal for running on the front where extra cornering grip is welcomed. 2C AM offers the best balance of durability and grip. 2C AM Race and 2C AM are currently available on the Gripper line