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We dig deeper into the new Tractor tire

The Tractor is a very versatile tire, it will work as a front tire or rear and its semi-open design makes efficient in damp conditions. It works just as well in dry conditions and even on loose broken trails. The micro-textured center blocks and the ribbed transitional lugs gives it good climbing traction without compromising on rolling speed. When you are what the conditions are going to be, the Tractor should be first tire that comes to mind. A true 2.20" (56mm) casing to casing width which is designed to work with 25-30mm ID rims.

Center blocks

These use our micro-texture surface that really helps improve grip over wet and slippery roots and rocks. They are moderately spaced to provide very fast straight line rolling but just far enough to make sure damp mud can be cleared - this design allows it to be a really efficient tire on the rear of your bike.

MSC Tractor

Transitional lugs

The carefully placed transitional( mid corner) knobs are joined with a unique internal rib design. This improves braking performance, reduces irregular wear and minimises lug tearing. Maintaining lug structure is important to get consistent and predictable cornering - it's important that the tire shape and casing does not deform too much as that will lead to unstable cornering.

MSC Tires Tractor

Cornering lugs

We have a laterally stepped design that gives the Tractor a nice analog steering feel, its smooth and predictable and you always know where the limit of traction is - some tires feel great at full lean but can get sketchy during high speed mid-lean. With the Tractor there is a continuous edge from center to outside with the very important mid-corner blocks supported with the internal rib, they are smaller than most but they are maintain their shape under loads.

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