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New Tires for 2019 - Check them out

After a fantastic 2018 - We introduced our first 3 mountain bike tires. Roller, Tractor and the Gripper. We took a World Cup win and had 2x 24hr World Champions crowned. 

Now we are even more excited to introduce our 3 tires for the new year.

Rock & Roller

This is a dedicated XC and Marathon tire which has very good rolling speed but with a emphasis on cornering grip. The offset transtion knobs and pronounced cornering lugs give a ton of confidence in dry and damp conditions. Pairs well with the Roller on the rear.

MSC Rock & Roller

It will also get wrapped in the new EpicShield casing, which is a full bead to bead protection as well as the option of the ProShield casing which places the protection on the top section of the tire only.

With a weight of 715g for the 120TPI EpicShield.


Conceived for those rides that can become an epic journey, where the weather conditions are unpredictable and you'll be riding blind terrain. 

The Singletrack is for All mountain / Enduro riding with DH serving side lugs that carry support and the ability to corner almost anything at break neck speeds. Rolling speed is kept in check with the low profile ramped center knobs. If you love slaying corners and berms you will really enjoy this tire.

MSC Tires Singletrack

Available in 27.5, 29" with the new DH compound and our stable and strong SuperShield asing, as well as a lighter version in the ProShield casing.

Weighing in at 740g for the ProShield 27.5.


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