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How wide are you rims?

We've seen rim widths get wider and wider in the last few years and there is no doubt that wider rims increase grip, comfort and reduce rolling resistance. But what's being left behind are tire widths or specifically how the current standards measures tire widths based on old skool narrow tires.

Currently the standard works with MTB tire widths on 21mm internal diameter rims and tire manufacturers will make tires to suit this rim size. The problem with this method is that tire shape becomes flattened - resulting in more square off shape. This leads way to more rolling resistance, unpredictable cornering and increases chances of pinch flats.

So all the benefits of wide rims gets negated with inconsistently shaped tire casings. The exact shape and width of the rim will affect the overall tire shape, thats why some tires will be rounded or more squared off.

We've known about this problem and have made tires that work with your wide rims! The Gripper works perfectly with 30-35mm inner rims - the side blocks will bite into the dirt the way we intended them to - this is so you can expect stable and predictable cornering and the nice rounded shape reduces rolling resistance. It will also help reduce pinch flats but removing the "deadspot" of rubber away from the rim hook.

MSC Gripper made for Wide Rims

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